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Pool: General


State Acquire Queue Count Error Text Error Type    

Kernel States

Kernel States
ID Kernel ProcessID FrontEnd ProcessID Thread State Error Text Error Type Error Input    
0 30018 31660 General pool kernel background 0 PASSIVE Variable "$$dia" cannot be interpreted since it has not been assigned a value. NOVALUE RN=MSPToExpression[$$dia]/2./10000.; vsolv=MSPToExpression[$$solv]; gsamp=MSPToExpression[$$samp]; gdrug=MSPToExpression[$$drug]; gpol=MSPToExpression[$$pol]; csd=MSPToExpression[$$drsol]; VB=MSPToExpression[$$vol]; S0=MSPToExpression[$$densdr]; dp=MSPToExpression[$$denspol]; Diff=MSPToExpression[$$dif]; kdrp=MSPToExpression[$$kd]; NT=vsolv/(4/3 \[Pi] (RN)^3)*(gsamp/(gdrug+gpol)); expt=MSPToExpression[$$exptime]; expr=MSPToExpression[$$exprel];

Kernel Diagnostics

Kernel Diagnostics
ID Activate Count LoadedJavaObjects Count MaxMemoryUsed (bytes) MemoryInUse (bytes) SessionTime (ms) TimeUsed (ms) FrontEnd MemoryInUse (bytes) Last Input
0 411 5 182698752 118608816 2361957421 5847245 115652 MSP`Utility`DestroyRequest[]

Kernel Dates and Times

Kernel Dates and Times
ID Initialize Date Initialize Time (ms) Last Activate Date Last Passivate Date Last Validate Date Last Evaluate Date Last Link Date Last Link Time (ms) Total Link Time (ms) Halt Date Destroy Date Destroy Time (ms)
0 Sat Jan 27 18:34:17 EST 2018 10627 Sat Feb 24 02:40:15 EST 2018 Sat Feb 24 02:40:17 EST 2018 Sat Feb 24 02:40:15 EST 2018 Sat Feb 24 02:40:17 EST 2018 Sat Feb 24 02:40:17 EST 2018 1 191211 0


Property Value
KernelPoolName General
KernelExecutable /export/Mathematica/10.4/Executables/MathKernel
URLPattern /*
FrontEndLaunchFlags -display :1 -nogui -geometry 1000x500+10+10
CheckToExpression true
CollectStreams true
FileUploadSizeLimit 4194304
KeepFrontEndAlive true
SecurityConfigurationFile /WEB-INF/SecurityConfiguration.m
SecurityConfigurationRealFile /home/tomcat/apache-tomcat-8.5.4/webapps/webMathematica/WEB-INF/SecurityConfiguration.m
SecurityErrorFatal true
ApplicationsDirectory /WEB-INF/Applications
ApplicationsRealDirectoryObject /home/tomcat/apache-tomcat-8.5.4/webapps/webMathematica/WEB-INF/Applications
KernelTimeLimit 30000
KernelInitializeTimeLimit 600000
KernelPassivateTimeLimit 30000
KernelPeakMemoryLimit 1073741824
KernelExtraPath /WEB-INF/Applications
KernelRealExtraPath /home/tomcat/apache-tomcat-8.5.4/webapps/webMathematica/WEB-INF/Applications
DebugWaitLimit 0
KernelNumber 1
KernelAcquireLimit 2000
KernelInitializeAttemptLimit 3
KernelPoolAcquireQueueLimit 10
KernelBaseMemoryLimit 1073741824
KernelIdleLimit 300000
KernelPercolateHaltTime 10000
KernelJavaObjectLimit 5000
ThreadGroupIsDaemon false
KernelConnectLimit 10000
KernelLaunchFlags -mathlink
KernelMLOpenArgs -linkmode launch -linkname '/export/Mathematica/10.4/Executables/MathKernel -mathlink' -linkoptions mldontbrowse